Friday, February 28, 2003

Like the phoenix, so do I rise from the ashes of a few days' silence... But, enough waxing poetic.

This was certainly a productive week for me. Busy knitting, designing, swatching and bidding on stuff that I probably don't need from eBay. Well, with a due date of April 20th, I have approximately 15 days to finish the cardi-blazer that I'm knitting for my sister's newest edition. She has a habit of delivering early, as April 20 was also the due date for her son (such a cute li'l bugger he is, but almost getting too big for me to knit him stuff...once you hit 24 months you're officially off of my knit list). The project, I must say, is coming along quite nice. I'm knitting it in such a way that I avoid the tedium of sewing seams!!! 3-needle bind off for the shoulder and knit the sleeves on dpns. I just hope that the offensively bright shade of chartreuse doesn't blind anyone.

So, merrily we trod on to the designing. It's no secret that I detest arans. It's also no secret that I'm a cheap bastard who'd rather drink white wine than pay $150 for a knit kit. It's also no secret that when I do use a patter, I make so many changes so as to make the garment unrecognizable to it's original designer. I look at pictures for inspiration and de-create my own designs. And the current design is an aran in moss, based on motifs borrowed from various pictures I've come across. The only thing
that was definite in this design process from the beginning was that the look that I was going for was that of an old stone carved with Celtic knots and covered in moss. Sadly, the Mountain Mohair doesn't like the US10.5's too much. Dare I go as small as US9? *Gasp* And last night I pulled an all-nighter swatching and running my mouth on the phone (good thing I have insomniac friends).

And lastly, the reason why I'll probably be forced to file Chapter 11 next week, eBay. My second knitting machine arrived on Monday. Of course you can imagine my excitement, only to discover that I had no sport weight yarn - or so I thought. It wasn't until searching for one of doggie's squeak toys that I found a 50g ball of Dale Tiur in my long-since abandoned yarn basket. Then there was the lot of 53 pairs of faux tortoiseshell needles. And what's up with all the tortoiseshell needles being auctioned
from Australia? Do they horde them over there? But getting back to the auction in question... I thought that the starting bid of $4.99 was reasonable enough, and considering the size of the lot, I was willing to bid up to $106.00. So you can imagine the extent of my stupor when the auction closed at $306!!! EBayers are a
ruthless lot, and like a pack of ravenous knitting wolves, we descended upon the needles driving the price up and up and up. Oh well, I consoled myself with wood cable needles and stitch markers...and a compulsory martini.

And considering how much time I spent on eBay this week I found more than a few things to gripe about.

  1. Horrible Pictures. I think I may have mentioned this once before. If you want to put something up for auction, don't post a picture looking like something you drew with your feet. And don't pitch a bitch when someone politely asks if they could get a larger picture. I mean, if what you see is what you get, wouldn't it make sense to let the person actually SEE what they're going to get? Also, if I'm not bidding on the extraneous crap you've got 'decorating' your storage room, leave it out of the picture. In the great words of Mama Rose..."Sell it!"...well, "Sing
    out, Louise
    " too, but more importantly, sell it.

  2. Don't mention how you've been selling knitting machines for 20+ years and describe everything as a thing or contraption. I mean, what would I look like buying yarn from a LYS when the person working there described the yarns as "it's made out of some type of shiny stuff" or "I don't know what's wrong with those needles. I guess since they don't have the knob on the end, the needle company is giving you 5 to make up for their mistake."

  3. Reserve Auctions. What's the point? Here's the deal, make the reserve price the starting price so that way you avoid having to list the auction
    three times because no one wanted to go above $150. And so what if you mention that the yarn alone is work $360. I'm not bidding on it for the yarn.

  4. Bond Incredible Knitting Machine. How dare you give this over-rated piece of shit a Buy Now price of $199. I mean, if I wanted to hold the yarn in my hand to control the tension, I'd just hand knit. Don't feed me rabit shit and tell me it's Godiva chocolate.

  5. Inaccurate Descriptions. I give two examples: Lot of four antique bone knitting needles...yet the pictures show crochet hooks. Who cares that they were made before 1900. And Cable needle never used...yet the picture is a circular needle, still in package. Maybe this one is being a bit picky, as sometimes people just pick up stuff at Estate Sales and auction them off on eBay, but the least you could do is read the packaging. And don't sell just ONE knitting needle. Tell me, how the hell am I going to fit that into the little stylus slot on my PDA!

  6. Be Below Cost. That's the whole point of eBay (well, that and the fact that you can get exsorbitant sums of loot for your wares because a few people got too carried away) If you live in Sweden and shipping to the US is going to cost me an arm, don't charge a leg for the ball winder. By the time I get through with that one I end up paying more than I would if I just ordered a ball winder from Patternworks...granted, after complaining about how long it took the one little order to get to me, I think I'm due a nice little credit. (See also #4: Bond Un-credible Knitting Machine = $5.99 starting bid.)

But, of course, I must end on a positive note: Barbie/Mattel Knitting machine is a plus in my book. Just imagine how quickly you could turn out Willie Warmers!!!! In no time you'll have one for every waking hour of the day...and the lying down hours too. But I digress...

Monday, February 24, 2003

I spent my entire weekend Googling, charting, swatching, designing, and swatching some more. And now I know what I'm going to make.

When I started googling, I was searching for my next Aran. Naturally, I visited the Starmore domain to check out what kits Alice had proprietorship over and what kits and books Jade was selling. Hmph. I'm not saying that I was totally displeased, but I wasn't completely bowled over. I did like the Maximilian and the St. Bridget, but wasn't so completely thrilled that I'd consider taking on such a project. So I saved the pictures to my hard drive with the hopes that they'd inspire a lopsided design. Next, I Googled my way over to a site that had some Elsebeth Lavold kits and fell in love with one of her motifs... (the Motif of the Month in my Yahoo Knitting Folder)

So I began charting. For some reason the charting process seemed to fly by, despite the relative complication of slanting increases. I knitted a swatch in a pink DK that I had left over from a watermelon entrelac jacket that I did two years ago. It was nice, but I wasn't too thrilled, so I recharted and reswatched, but this time repeating the motif a second time and I used some Kitchen Cotton that I never quite found a use for. But I decided to play with an idea that I was having. Lapels. The main obstacle for me was whether or not (or rather how to) cable a slipped stitch and would it still give that fold? But the crossing of a slipped stitch seemed like more work than I really wanted to invest into something that would eventually become a baby blazer. So...k1, m1, k1, sl1, k1, ssk .... k2tog, k1, sl1, k1, m1, k1. Now all I had to do was write out the pattern so that it made some sort of sense and pray that everything comes out alright (and hope that this baby isn't born early).

But the easiest part, by far, was selecting the yarn: Classic Elite Provence in either Natural (2616) or Bleach (2601) or Lemon (2612). Let the knitting begin!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Alternative Uses for Knitting Needles?

I know what all you knitterati are thinking: what would one in their right mind use a knitting needle for besides knitting? Well, from reading my blog you can kinda figure that I'm not exactly in my right mind and...face it, necessity is the mother of invention.

Stirrer: This was my inspiration for this entry. Last night, I was preparing myself a screwdriver. I poured the orange juice in the glass, added ice, took a few sips and added vodka. I sipped and tasted that tasteless sting of pure vodka and realized that I forgot to stir. The Bachelorette was back on so going to the kitchen was out of the question. Whereas Tosca saw the glint of a knife blade, I saw the sparkle a 14" #8 Inox straight needle...just as Scarpia used the fan in the same manner that Iago used the handkercheif. But I digress. In any event, I *was* the person in the Knit U yearbook voted "Most Likely to Sit in a Coffee Shop, Push Knitting to Other End of Kneedle and Stir Coffee with Needle."

Stylus: Again, last night I was sitting, watching the local news and I needed to calculate a 20 stitch decrease with KnitAble. So, I took my needle -- half assembled sweater awkwardly dangling on 153 stitches -- and began to scribble away. But then again, I was also voted as "Most Likely to Fashion a Computer Chip Out of Casein dpns" in the Knit U yearbook.

Meanwhile, here's a list of alternative things that I've used knitting needles for:

  • remote control

  • finger/arm extension

  • coffee mug grabber

  • eating utensil (two work great as chopsticks, just as two chopsticks work great as knitting needles)

  • light switch reacher

  • scalp scratcher

  • office desk key (unsuccessfully)

  • armchair conductor's baton

  • pointer (because it's impolite to use one's finger)

  • middle finger (speaking of fingers)

  • CD Picker-Upper (why else would they have placed those little holes in the center?)

  • ring selector

  • vertical blind opener (for those occasions where you just need a little peek)

Did I miss any?
And I'm done!! Well...almost, I just have to sew the seams, but since the damned thing is blocking, as far as I'm concerned, it's DONE!!! And of couse, it should be finished just in time for the semi-warm weather. Nevertheless, I posted pictures in my Yahoo photo album. Now, in one of the pictures, there's a mistake that's quite evident. So, if you can spot it drop me a note in the comments or through email. If you win, just like Charlie, you get nothing. But interaction is always nice.
Be that as it may, in my knitting tonight I dropped a few stitches. This was on the roll for the neck (which was done in a softer yarn for obvious reasons.) I was watching The Bachelorette tonight (technically last night, since it's 2:15am) and dropped a few stitches when Trista picked Ryan. It wasn't out of shock, as my spider sence was itching for Ryan, but I got all fahrklempt when they started getting all sappy towards each other. I kinda felt bad for Charlie, but not so much. It's kinda nice to see that the sensitive quiet one does get the girl. If I was sensitive and quiet, it would be comforting...also, if I wanted a girl it would be doubly comforting. I'm just an evil crabby bitch still waiting for Prince Charming to alight his brindled steed at my doorstep. Una volta c'erà un re...
Okay, so I've admitted it...I spend my evenings knitting and watching reality TV... Joe Millionaire, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Celebrity Mole, I'm a Washed-Up Has-Been Get Me Out of Here -- and everyone's favorite -- American Idol. Oh...and SAVE FRENCHIE!!!
Meanwhile, k1, sl1 for a few more rows, then I get to turn my heel!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

It feels so good to be knitting ahead of schedule, but alas something in my right hand is bothering me. It was my original intention to get the back of the Brig all finished up and the raglans sewed by sometime late this evening. Considering that I was down to 30sts a minute, I figured that I was going to have to tack on an extra day. But in the wee wee wee small hours of the morning I finished that little bastard of an aran, or at least the body of it (as per the pattern instructions). So, just as Conan was going off, for the second time, I was finishing the last row of the back. Now this is where it get's interesting. I decided that I would add a yoke of sorts, and since it seems to have a really wide crew neck (due to the fact that I used a slightly thicker yarn) I'll have to make the yoke wider than I had intended. Originally, I planned on just doing a plait with a few short rows thrown in to compensate for the decreases, should I have continued knitting all the way up. But the plaited yolk would have been too thin. So, against my better judgement (which isn't that good to begin with) I'm picking up stitches...and so the madness begins...

Sunday, February 16, 2003

In preparation for a snowstorm most people go to the market and buy the stapes: Bread, eggs, milk, coffee, olives, and vodka. So, you've got the ingredients for French toast and martinis.

Meanwhile, knowing that we were getting two storms over the weekend, I went to the yarn shops and the arts and crafts supply store. The original plan was 8" Friday to Saturday (thereby canceling my trip to One World on Saturday) and a light coating Sunday night to Monday morning. But I was cool, I had the rest of my Candide for the Brig, all of my Manos for the Guinness, some Encore for a sock, some Sockotta for another sock, and some DMC floss for a cross stich project. No worries!

But Saturday's snow was just a dusting and the Sunday night snow started Sunday morning, and we already have almost a foot on the ground. Now, ordinarily I'd say no worries, as I have my craft and knitting materials. But I've got two tiny dogs (the larger of the two being 12" at the shoulder) and the weather bunnies are now forcasting two feet of snow by the end of it all. Something told me that I should have litter trained the dogs...or at least the one that I got as a puppy (assuming that the poodle would just follow suit).

The sock is still on the heel, the Brig got a few inches added on today (all the cabling is really slowing me down), the Guinness still needs the first sleeve saddle to be knit, and I crossed a few stitches on the Celtic knot that I'm doing with my cross stitch. Now I've got to go try to drown doggies in the snow...but they're sleeping now, so they probably don't have to make any business. *sigh* I should have gotten a cat.
So, I got a little bored with the drab dark colors of my blog. (Not good at all for this mid-winter depression; which fortunately is starting to slack up). So, we've moved to Azzure. And I finally figured out what it was that was hiding the Locqueen Knits 2 text and giving her link to where Mama Kate's should have been. Who would have thunk that HTML was so picky that if you forgot one little quotation mark it would fudge things up *shrug*

More knit stuff to come later in the day. After all, I'll be snowed in in a few hours time (for some reason the double 'in' looks grammatically incorrect when you write it out) so all I can do is knit...and then when my tendonitis prone left wrist falls off, I can sit at the computer and tell you all about my day skipping back and forth between two Arans and a sock:-)

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Finally, the rest of my Candide came in and I can finish that bitch of an aran known as Brig, and I can't say enough how much I wish that it were over and done with (especially since we're supposed to be getting a whopper of a snow storm on Sunday.) I'm now at that point where one begins to question EVERYTHING...such as why the hell did I chose this project, why the hell did I choose this yarn, and why the hell didn't I just do something another scarf. But one can have but so many 8-foot scarves. So, in the meantime, I knit and cuss and fuss and pray that it will all be over by midweek, so that way I can haul the damned thing to knitting circle and assemble it whilst bemoaning my fate. It's not so much that it took for ever and a day for the yarn to be shipped (damn backordering) as I was able to occupy my time with the Guinness Aran and playing with my knitting machine (keeping fingers crossed that my new one will arrive before next tuesday). But now that I sit knitting, my left wrist hurting like hell, I realize that Candide isn't anything like I thought it would be. I'm sure you all remember, or at least have heard of, the book Candide by Voltaire. Lenny Bernstein wrote a musical of it. And Cunegonde has the most loverliest song Glitter and be gay in which she dons all these splendiferous jewels. (I just love the way Kristin Chenowith sings it!!!) But this it not so. Right now I'm feeling more akin to the old lady with the one deriere cheek (who somehow manages to still ride a horse): I am easy assimulated. Not so much so that I'm starting to like this yarn, but it's having a definite effect on my personality: crammed with twigs and other foreign objects, but despite that it does have a nice outer appearance with it's heathery inflections. But after I finish this I'm going to have to give up gray yarn for a while, which is to say that I'll be knitting in Regia and Sockotta in the most treacherously bright colors!
Now moving on...(having been given the perfect segue with the last sentence of the previous paragraph) I'm now brave enough to do socks. But only under one condition: casein needles. I started with some Sockotta and #3 caseins last night and am a little bit in love. Forget the fact that the yarn pools in the most interesting manner...forget the fact that the needles, when placed in my mouth have the strangest plastic bag taste (natural, nontoxic, dairy product my ass)...but I'm a freak for tortoise shell. All of my sunglasses (which I get a new pair of every year) are tortoise comb (back when I combed my hair) was tortoise shell...and when I played the viola I searched high and low for a bow with tortoise shell frog for under $2000. Yes, I'm a fan of tortoise shell, despite the fact that I was once told that given my complexion, tortoise shell wouldn't be great for me (this coming from a sales person wearing colored jeans). I'm starting to notice a pattern of getting fashion advice from some of the tackiest individuals. Hmph. But getting back to the subject at hand, I'm quite enjoying these toothpicks. I'm already down to the heel, so I've got 29 more rows of k1, sl1 and p1 sl1 before the agony of turning the heel begins. But it's amazing how bloggers can inspire other knitters to transcend their own mediocrity. Maybe next time I'll give Wendy's toe-up pattern a shot...or maybe even some fair isle.

Friday, February 14, 2003

I now completely understand why fingering weight yarn is called fingering. *&^@#&$^%

Sunday, February 09, 2003

It's no secret that I'm a techno-whore. So you can just imagine how pleased I was to discover that Sony is coming out with a new handheld with a REAL built-in digital camera. Why, you ask, am I advertising for Sony? Trying to get a discount, duh! But also, as a perfect segue to my next paragraph... (how's that for easy transition?)
Some of you may or may not have heard of a program called KnitAble for the Palm OS. I thought that the first version was borderline nice. It did an excellent job in keeping and inventory of one's yarn, needles, hooks, patterns and such, and it also made those annoyingly mathematical tasks of yardage, increase/decrease calculations, and the like much simpler. The only problem with the previous version was that when the battery died, all of your inventory information was lost. However, KnitAble 3.0 has made quite a leap to making it more user-friendly. The only downside is that the bundled software comes with a $69.95 price tag. The bundle includes a desktop version of KnitAble that will sync the information with your handheld device. Entering inventory is easier...and entering those long ass patterns is a breeze too. Would I recommend this program? Maybe...I just downloaded it last night. I enjoyed the first version immensely. Fortunately, my battery ran out so often that I never had to worry about registering it. It was amazingly useful in calculating, especially since I abhor anything that deals with numbers...unless those numbers are preceeded by "$" or if there's "% OFF" after the numbers. But I enjoyed the first version just for the calculation abilities. But I wouldn't advise paying $69.95 just for a few calculations.

Golden Purls

SOFIA: Picture this, Sicily, 1918. I walk over to the market to get a few pounds of mozzarella. All I needed was mozzarella and nothing else. The man says to me, that will be 30 lire. I thought to myself, why should I pay 30 lire for something that could possibly go up to 40 lire when I could get it for 36 lire and have it be fresher? So I said to the man, no thanks and walked on. But it should be just my luck that the guy next to him was selling tartuffe for 149 lire. Tartuffe for 149 lire??!! Okay, so I spend 5 times more than I intended...but they're tartuffe!!!
Have any of you out there had a similar thing happen to you? You go to the store for cheese and end up leaving with truffles? Or, even more on subject, you go to your LYS to swift a few skeins, and end up leaving with a kilo of Manos? Well, that's what happened to my Friday night on eBay. All I wanted was a ball winder so that I could organize all of my yarn in nice stackable cakes. But I wasn't hardly going to pay $30 (plus shipping from Sweden) for an item that retails for $36, that I could possibly get at wholesale for a little bit cheaper. So I passed on it. Cruising the aisles some more, I just happened to stumble across a standard gauge knitting machine for a song. So I pounced upon it. Now, I can hear my mother now: "But you already have a knitting machine." Yes, I already have a knitting machine...but it's a mid-gauge. Of course that makes the purchase completely justified. Every machine knitter should have one fine gauge, one standard gauge, one mid-gauge, and one bulky. So, I'm missing one from the collection. And it also wouldn't hurt to add that last model that Brother manufactured...the KH-970. A moment of silence please... Okay, that's enough. Fortunately, price notwithstanding, the Passap E 8000 does look like a very cute machine to have.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Taking a cue from Matt (AKA Crowing Ram), I decided to take a few tests today (okay, maybe I went a little bit overboard). Now, generally speaking, I'm not much of a test taking those little multiple choice fill-in-the-bubble tests tend to make me want to create a nice simple little knit and purl pattern (DON'T TRY THIS ON THE SATs). But I thought that it would be a fun diversion to see what the internet thinks of me. Some of these I kinda expected...and wouldn't DARE argue with the results. (Of course they're scientifically accurate) However there are a few that just strike me as totally strange...after all, how can all of me (the facets that make up this wonderfully tarnished yellow diamond) be summed up in checked boxes and radial dials? LoL

Ok...this I agree with, despite how much others may want to argue the opposite.

What Was Your PastLife?

What Obscure Animal are you?

Bjork in every sense except for that ugly swan dress...

Who are you?

Just so you know, I don't really consider myself a cat person, but this is a cute little quiz, as it has knitting as one of the answers (does that make me a KnitDweeb?)

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!

Me...asshole? Although, "Bitch" is the one that I hear most often...

your asshole.

What swear word are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

And the test proves it all...teehee

Gay Bear
Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sad but maybe true...


What's YOUR sexual fetish?
brought to you by Quizilla

And I always thought that I was just avoidant...


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Damnit! I'm a MARTINI...Grey Goose, stirred, str8 up, one olive in, one olive on the side...and fill that sucker up to the rim!!!

You're a cosmopolitan!  Your drink is made up of vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice.  The ultimate style guru your other loves are cats and eating out.  A sophisticated little star!
""Which cocktail are you?""

brought to you by Quizilla

....hmph, Cosmo my left cheek

Just as I suspected. But, not only is she the Queen of the Gods, she's also the diety invoked for marriages and revenges...although I prefer the revenge element. Call me twisted, call me warped (just don't call me before noon)...what else is marriage but a legalized sanctified revenge?

Hera queen of the gods

What Greek god or goddess are you like?
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Grover on E
Grover on Ecstasy
You're funny, you're loveable, you're entertaining,
you like to call yourself "Super
Grover!"--You're obviously on ecstasy.
But that's why we love you. Be careful, ok?

Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?
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And for the final quiz...

hell raiser
completely fucked!

what fucked version of hello kittie are you?
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And to think, I always fancied myself as:

pretty fucked.

Now, of course, you know that with a wonderful site like Quizilla, I could literally go on for HOURS...maybe DAYS even. But I've got some snow to shovel and some mindless lace to knit. Don't worry, for those of you that think that I've COMPLETELY lost my mind (or whatever was left to begin with) I'll be returning to a knit-related subject tomorrow...maybe... *teehee*

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Okay, so I'm a cheap bastard (except where yarn is concerned). And since I'm too cheap to upgrade to Blog*Spot Plus I've been having issues with the pictures. Geocities, so I'm told, has issues with one using their webspace to store photos for another site, and that bravepages thing was just too much hassel. So, in the interest of making my knitting viewable to anyone who views my blog and wishes to see the latest catastophe in progress, I've uploaded all of my photos here.

Knitting on the Guiness catastophe is coming along nicely. Last night I was sitting down taking care of some loose ends on the front when Mommy Dearest commented on how ugly the sweater is going to be. Supportive, ain't she...I know. Meanwhile, what would I look like taking fashion advice from a Gemini who insists that she looks so splendiferously great in orange metalic lipstick? Now do we all see why she's going to have to wait forever and a day to get anything that comes from off my knitting needles? Personally, I think the colors are rather retro-looking...I'm sure we (meaning you, because I'd never admit to being old enough) remember those jackets and t-shirts or those velour jogging suits from the 70's that were brown with the tan accents or tan with the brown accents.
The next time I knit this, and yes I will knit it again, I'm going to use Mountain Mohair in either Moss or Partridgeberry (their brightest shade of red!!!) only because I'll be damned if I knit anything else with 7 separate balls of yarn hanging and tangling from the needles. The few adjustments that I might make to the pattern are:
1) knit it longer in more of a tunic style
2) bigger gussets at the underarm (which should be interesting, considering that I'm knitting in the round)
3) somehow make the lattice blend into the braid
4) knit it in the round, except for the lattice parts, which will be open slits so that the sweater will drape unencumbered should I decide to put my hands in my pocket
It's amazing how a sweater design can evolve during the knitting process. But this really shouldn't come too much as a shock, considering that I've never ever in my entire knitting life actually stuck to a pattern, so why should it be different for my own designs?

Sunday, February 02, 2003

The evolution of a design is a rather interesting process. I’m a Libra, and in being such I can be a creative individual always on the lookout for an easy way out. As I mentioned in the comments from my January 29, 2003 post I hardly ever swatch. None of my dog sweaters have been swatched, nor have I swatched for the items that I’ve knitted using patterns. And speaking of patterns, I’ve never felt an overwhelming need to write any of my designs down…
But now I’m on the first sweater that I designed. Being no knitting fool, and having an understanding of the effect of cables on knit fabric, I felt that it was imperative that I do gauge swatches for each panel. However, I think the most important factor in my decision to swatch was the fact that I was going to order $165 worth of Manos. So, like a good little knitter, I swatched, I blocked, I measured, I calculated, and came up with 112 stitches for the body of the sweater (110 stitches, plus two for the selvedge) and guessed that 101 would be enough for a 1x1 rib.
So I began the cast on. Kitchener, of course. However, somehow, I left out a yarn over and ended up with 100 stitches. What was a lazy knitter to do? I’d be damned if I was going to start over again. It was just a cast on row, but starting over would be too much work. So, cuss and fuss and blame the dog…and then get inventive. I had seen something done in knitting books before that I thought would be nice, and it just so turned out that I had enough stitches for a lattice hem. I started with a reverse stocking background, knitted a few purls and twisted those knits on the following RS row to avoid the slanting increases…and voila! Yes, mistakes can be very beautiful.
Being a coffee-holic, I decided that I was going to call the aran Mocha Madness. It’s brown like the coffee, it’s cream-ish like the caffe au lait. But this is Manos, so the yarns were completely different when I received them. So, sticking with the Celtic theme and being blessed with these wonderful colors, the sweater has taken on the name Guinness (because Black and Tan would be too generic).
The seam was an interesting one, and might prove quite a challenge on assembly. I decided that it would be a good idea to have a feathered seam. So, if all goes right, the front should match the back and we’ll have a nice feathered type of thing going up the sides.
In total, there are 7 panels that I’m working with…and seven separate balls of yarn. Two feathered edges, two running Celtic thingies, two braids, and a running Celtic knot type center panel.
Do I like it all? Well, my judgment is a little clouded…mainly because I keep getting tangled. But, otherwise, I am enjoying doing the pattern. Actually, I’m enjoying it so much that I might even get some Mountain Mohair and knit it again...but in ONE color